BE A VOLUNTEER!   We are "Patrimonio en Movimiento"

Your hands, your knowledge, your temperance, your generosity and good vibes are more than welcome and necessary to expand opportunities for social, economic, and environmental development to many beings on this planet.


If you like the tangible and intangible heritage present in all places and beings; The migratory processes; If you are passionate and consistent with human rights; If you like sustainable and regenerative fashion throughout its production chain; If you are passionate about culture in all its expression and you vibrate in a harmonic way from the spiritual with other beings and the planet.

If you are a professional or just a curious person; active; enterprising; layers of gestating processes and dynamics that motivate others to join forces for the common good; if you are proactive in creating processes and helping to attract resources, create activities and become a leader within a community. This is your space!

• You put your skills, knowledge and qualities into practice
• You will discover people who vibrate like you, on a personal and professional level.
• You meet and interact with people from different parts of the world
• You gain experience that will add to your resume.
• You discover the vocation and mission of your life.
• You will feel gratified for helping to build a more just world.
Activate your volunteering: from your own place

•  Being coordinator of online activities with the foundation: migration, heritage and sustainable and regenerative fashion
•  Creating actions, iniciatives or support for the benefit of communities in Latin America, from your country or continent (if you are outside Latin America)
•  Creating actions, initiatives and support for the benefit of your locality ( if you are in a Latin American country)
•  Being a spokesperson and representative of the foundation in your locality.

Past the covid pandemic

•  Exchange and presence in territories for which cooperation and prior support actions have been generated
•  Field work, especially in rural areas and with rural communities.
•  Knowledge sharing with other volunteers and communities in Latam
•  Participation in specific programs developed by the Foundation in Latam.

If you think you can contribute to change something in this world with your work, ideas and initiatives; if you have the time and passion… Join us to add to the construction of a fairer world for all.
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