What we do with the funds

The courses, events and activities that the Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation develop, from each of its programs, generate income that is reinvested to support:

• Entrepreneurs, sustainable fashion brands; artisans, sustainable fashion stores, rural producers, professionals and associations that work on social, economic, patrimonial issues from sustainability and regeneration in points of origin or destination and generate dynamics of inclusion and reactivation of the social fabric.
Funds reinvested in:

- Education, training and social, economic and environmental training.
- Generation of viable and innovative processes that impact and contribute to development by generating employment and social fabric.
- Strengthening of the MOLITAS program for boys and girls.
- Diffusion, opening of markets, participation in our events.
- Development of education and communication campaigns that stimulate positive, inclusive migration, without xenophobia or discrimination.

- Be an active member of the Foundation's programs.
- Have filled out the forms completely and correctly.
- Participate actively in the actions carried out by the Fundación Entre Soles y Lunas from each of its programs.