Heritage in movement

20 Apr 2015

It is considered as heritage: values or goods possessed by an individual; the rights acquired as members of a community or social group, consolidated as cultural or symbolic heritage; and the World Heritage, which are all the architectonic or geographic expressions that because of their importance, deserve to be preserved.

Among Sons and Moons considers that heritage is a product of the constant human footprint since our presence in the Earth, as well as its geographic expression. These elements reflect the transformation and changes either positive or negative, made throughout history, and which allow us to see the multiplicity of processes and moments absolutely inherent to the individuals and society.

Whether by land, sea or air, the human being has had the need to move. In this process, it has left cultural, economic and social reflections through this wide planet, in societies that are now counting on values or traditions, material and immaterial, given by other cultures and individuals, and which are part of their own identity.

From this perspective, Among Suns and Moons considers that all the individuals are “Heritage in Movement” transporting values and traditions acquired from their geography; as well as knowledge and identity symbols proper from their original culture, which will be shared with others in different territories.

Moreover, the proposal to the collective imaginary is to observe migration from a different point of view, making room for a much more positive speech and opening a discussion which allows giving and receiving opinions in an inclusive manner, taking into account the great richness of the issue.

Because we all, in a way or another, are migrants and we all are…Heritage in Movement.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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