20 Apr 2015

Daily, thousands of people are considering migrating or going on an adventure through this wide world, as an alternative to find better options for their lives. They are escaping from the pressure provoked by social convulsions and wars happening in their territories or by social, environmental, political, economic factors affecting our times.

Migration is something that happens in small and greater scales. It recirculates in each territory; it moves from rural areas to urban ones, through the frontiers towards the rest of the region, the continent or far lands overseas.

It varies its own pattern within the same territory or continent; it transforms itself with time according to human needs, and is diverse in its causes and processes.

Migration is encouraged by many necessities and illusions as humans exist, but it still the poverty and starving the ones that pushes it further to find opportunities of a better and dignified life. The different demographic factors, as well as the inequality and intolerance continue to conquer the origin of the great migratory masses nowadays. This situation generates costs and benefits to the migrants, their families and it affects the departure points as much as it affects the arrival ones.

The desperation to escape from dramatic situations pushes the migrants, most of the times, to walk along dangerous routes that do not always lead to good port. It provokes deep break-ups and emotional, social and psychic fractures assumed and generated in the individual and others.

The markets and development are affected and benefited either in the origin or destination. The emergent countries are seeing their young and most capacitated people leave towards other places, losing, in most of the cases, educational and training efforts in a population that could be useful in their inner processes of growing. In terms of genre and percentages, in the last half century, women have been the greater migrants in a regional and international base, with the consequent burden of leaving their own families and therefore, affecting themselves.

Our need to move to other lands, trying to fix ourselves and cover our necessities, generates emptiness and depopulation in rural areas, greater misery rings in the cities, entry to exploitation markets, exposure to be  victims of processes that end up being a fraud or illegal and loss of our integrity, rights and even our lives. These situations are not considered or are not known by people in their desperation to find a better road for their lives.

These circumstances open the debate to analyze the issue from different perspectives, trying to offer information and promote development in original points. Procuring to find solutions that will add to a dignified permanence with no pressures and making room to the right of migration, in a free and autonomous manner. In addition promote the integration and respect, and conditions in the destinations to offer a dignified life for migrants.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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