20 Apr 2015

It is the heart of Among Suns and Moons and it is our responsibility to do it in a coherent and objective way.

In addition, we pretend to contribute to the migratory issue with information and projects in origin and destination points. The aim is to raise awareness through creative alternatives to allow the mind to expand and to see us all reflected on the other, observing the processes, difficulties and goals achieved in contexts or realities either equal or different.


It is vital to work with communities on alternatives for not migrating, without denying the right of free circulation and decision. Making public projects or programmes developed by other entities or states aimed at the local development. Informing about the pros and cons of migration: show the how-to and under what conditions the international agreements, risks, the fantasies of wonderful worlds and illegal migration are; human trafficking; sales of children; dangers of illegal businesses; current norms, migratory flows, new policies and the eventual demands of reception places. As well as the why is it important to raise awareness about the value of not losing trained people who can contribute to development in their own place, in their own home.


Give out information about local legal help, international agreements to defend their rights, how the labour market and economy of their localities are, which are the international migratory decisions, the proper management of remittances to help the growth of origin points, the returning process and the incorporation in their countries.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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