Mass communication “Heritage in Movement”

20 Apr 2015

Proposes that this world is nurtured and built thanks to human mobility since the beginning of time. This mobility creates, renews and contributes to the transformations and exchanges reflected on the concepts of memory, identity, culture and integral development.


Positioning and reinforcement in the collective imaginary that heritage proper of individuals and society present in material and immaterial traditions, travels through the migrant population. This heritage has been and is fundamental to the growth and developing of individuals and societies.


a.) Mass communication campaign.

b.) Didactic education contents.

c.) Elements of participative communication.

d.) Press.

e.) Documentaries for televisions and a feature film showing the whole experience.

Supported on cultural and educative strategies and processes.

Strategic partner: Paris-Texas Productions.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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