Gross National Happiness and Migration

Among Suns and Moons considers that introducing the GNH into the migration matter, allows to widen the concept of “Happiness and Wellbeing” implied in the development and integral aspects of a dignified life.

Therefore, Among Suns and Moons pretends to offer alternatives to find answers and solutions for a better life for everyone. Where the wellbeing goes across different aspects generators of development and integral growth of individuals. Where human beings could really exploit and improve their capabilities to portray themselves in a more human and happier way.

The GNH shares elements with thoughts and philosophy of Among Suns and Moons, and is well combined with the project “Heritage in Movement”, where the material and immaterial of the heritage is present in a harmonic manner.


The Gross National Happiness index is based on the culture and history of Bhutan, a little and interesting country located in the Himalayas. Multidimensional measurement associated to a group of tools to detect policies and programmes. It measures the real development of the economy and the wellbeing of people.

It is a living experiment looking for the wellbeing in a common planet, where the money flow is not the factor to determine the progress, but it is one more element of life and builds development.
Society should not only value itself through economic activities but through the happiness of individuals.
Any GNH discussion should start by clarifying that it differs from western literature and the understood meaning of it as something ephemeral and pleasant.

The GNH index is based on serving others; living in harmony with one’s self and the ones who surround us all. Rescuing the innate wisdom of individuals and discovering the true and brilliant nature of our capacities.
Because true and life-long happiness cannot exist while others suffer.


  • Sustainable and equal socio-economic development.
  • Culture preservation.
  • Environment conservation.
  • Good, efficient and effective government


Happiness understood from this concept is translated into integral wellbeing measured by:

  • Economic levels: represented via incomes, goods, place to live.
  • Health: in mind, body and spirit.
  • Education: literacy, academic training, knowledge, analysis, comprehension, research, values.
  • Use of time: balance of paid and non-paid work, rest, leisure and recreation.
  • Citizen’s participation in the construction of public policies and knowledge of their government’s actions.
  • Environment conservation and ecologic resistance. Includes rural and urban problems, and the responsibilities for its protection and integral conservation.
  • Psychological wellbeing: emotions (positive and negative), spirituality (from the respect towards every form of belief, ideology, ancestral wisdom, etc).
  • Community’s vitality: relation among members of a community and families. Socially constructive and productive values, and being safe from violence and crime.
  • Culture: language and communication, shared world vision. Everything inherent to material and immaterial values of heritage.


Individuals: responsible of their acts, decisions and behaviour that affects themselves and the rest of society.

Community: cannot assume attitudes, positions or behaviour to harm others. It has to be responsible of taking care of legacy, identity and traditions. It is active and solidarity. Takes care of itself and its surroundings, creates public spaces and benefits; and gives solutions in equity and balance.

Government: cannot assume public policies that do not know people’s necessities. Take care of people’s resources. Be open to receive consultations and to dialogue, to guarantee a dignified and peaceful life.
Leaders and decision-makers.

The GNH concept articulates societies that respect the human expression in harmony with the planet, within the wide richness of its conditions without any form of discrimination, racism or xenophobia, valuing identity and difference.

GNH designs life alternatives as possible options before taking the hard decision of migrating. And if the person migrates, he or she can count on elements to develop a dignified life.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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