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Articulates organisations and promotes the creation of networks to generate local, regional and International development with the intention of growing alternatives to the right of “not migrating” (in origin points) and giving solid to who opts for the right of migrating (in destination points).

Boosts the creation of work groups to train, articulate and promote development with application, implementation, circulation and participative communication processes to contribute with the integration of social communities.

Monday, 20 April 2015 00:00

Investigation. Development of activities with some entities we share agreements with and, with others we are allied with to do: concrete investigations, forums, seminaries, meetings and other activities.

Boot camp. Developed in localities needing to know about the local reality.

Communication, education and culture. Development of audiovisual, editorial and informative projects. As well as conferences, workshops and projects applied to the integral development in origin and destination points.

Environmental issues. Projects to impulse the local development taking care of the environment and providing right answers to human necessities.

Youth. Support from and with the academy, organisations and states in educational, cultural and communicational content.

Genre. Specific programmes with women because they are the ones to migrate more.

Development. Development programmes, held especially in origin points in harmony with other local entities.

Human Rights. Contributes in the defence of migrant’s rights, law and norms analysis, and influences in its possible applications.

The economy, family, diversity, beliefs and religious conceptions are points considered in the actions and programmes.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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