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Proposes that this world is nurtured and built thanks to human mobility since the beginning of time. This mobility creates, renews and contributes to the transformations and exchanges reflected on the concepts of memory, identity, culture and integral development.


Positioning and reinforcement in the collective imaginary that heritage proper of individuals and society present in material and immaterial traditions, travels through the migrant population. This heritage has been and is fundamental to the growth and developing of individuals and societies.


a.) Mass communication campaign.

b.) Didactic education contents.

c.) Elements of participative communication.

d.) Press.

e.) Documentaries for televisions and a feature film showing the whole experience.

Supported on cultural and educative strategies and processes.

Strategic partner: Paris-Texas Productions.

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From the perspective proposed by Among Suns and Moons, women are a living example of this reality, as they transmit multiple material and immaterial traditions and values conforming the individual and collective heritage. They transmit identity and cultural legacies that come from their native places if they are migrants; they multiply and spread values present in their identity that belong to other times and territories with their ancestors, or they reinforce the tradition daily transmitted from generation to generation.

General Objective: Raise awareness about the role of women emphasising on the rural area knowing that they are builders of society, material and immaterial heritage, tradition, biocultural and environmental knowledge, contributing to the integral development of individuals and communities.

Specific Objectives:

  • Identify social acceptance of rural women.
  • Determine the contribution of rural women towards the construction of society and     the traditional, environmental and material and immaterial heritage knowledge.
  • Analyse the role of rural women as transmitting agent of knowledge, heritage and     tradition.
  • Contribute to spread the word about women’s contributions, their necessities and     goals accomplished.
  • Give out information and tools for a better wellbeing through workshops,     seminaries and training days.
  • Creation of a exchange network of experiences, traditions, developed processes and     goals achieved.


  • Contribute to the revaluation of rural women, their work and efforts given to the     construction of societies they are in.
  • Raise awareness about rural women’s rights as in Human Rights, defence of legal     work and better life conditions, among others.
  • Recognise their capability to reaffirm their dynamics of applying and transmitting     material and immaterial knowledge that is part of heritage.
  • Show the necessities of rural women, their aims and contributions to integral     development.
  • Open the debate with causes and consequences of the female migration reality and     how it affects the rural abandonment and social knitting.


Investigation: Register of elements of local, transferred, assumed or adapted memory. Processes of identity and cultural values.

Audivisual Production. Recollection of testimonies of rural women contributing to material and immaterial heritage in local and destiny points. Their participation in restoring and applying heritage knowledge is rescued, as well as their capability to transform and adapt them to new realities. (Register in different formats to be multiplied through social media, exhibitions and established programmes).

Workshops and Seminaries. Creation of workshops based on the structure of the GNH (Gross National Happiness), Human Rights, Labour Rights and Inclusion.

Networking. Women Heritage in Movement. Share experiences, knowledge, traditions, proposals and information that serve as support for the integral development and wellbeing of rural women.

Extra Activities. Defined according to specific necessities of each territory.

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Project consolidated by the Confederación Latinoamericana de Trabajadores and Among Suns and Moons with the following entities.

COLACOT Colombia

Foundation Among Suns and Moons.

CIEC. Centro de investigaciones y estudios de la Cooperativa de profesores de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

CATSO . Corporación Autónoma de Trabajo Social.

CINCOP Central de Integración y capacitación cooperativa.

COAMIGOS. Cooperativa Multiactiva de amigos de Ricaurte.

FECEMU Federación de Mutuales y organizaciones solidarias de Bogotá y la Región. Central FENALSOL Federación Colombiana de entidades Solidarias.

FEDESCASANARE Federación de Empresas Solidarias del Casanare.

MESACOOPS Federación Mesa Cooperativa social y solidaria.


Red UNICOSOL. Universidades Colombianas Solidarias.

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia.


Articulate actions of intervention and support in different regions of Colombia to execute development plans involving various inherent aspects of society. Coordinating actions, efforts, capacities and knowledge to improve the abilities of the population.


1.) General Direction and Coordination: Colacot.

Counting with a Coordination Committee conformed by COLACOT and three representatives of local cooperation partners for Colombia.


•                Design the Operative Plans according to the cooperation objectives.

•                Establishing work schedules.

•                Defining the organizations, human talents, physical and economic resources.

•                Supervising and watching over the execution of the operative plans according with the deadlines.

•                Having quarterly meeting of evaluation.

•                Presenting quarterly reports about the status of the actions to the rest of legal entities.

•                Biannual general evaluation about the status of the agreement.

•                Decision making about planes, projects and programmes to develop according to the main agreement, which will be under the coordination of the General Director.

•                Coordinating meeting with investors to agree on the proper audits and evaluation activities.


Coordinated by Among Suns and Moons.

Counting with a support committee conformed by three representatives of entities involved with experience and knowledge in projects, research techniques, training and technical assistance.


•                Coordinating meetings to analyse those programmes and projects to develop according to the inter-cooperative agreement.

•                Analysing and recommending the methodologies to execute the process of developing the agreement.

•                Evaluating the processes and recommending the improvement actions to execute.

•                Agreeing on support techniques for the activities.

•                Meeting with the national, regional and international cooperation entities to evaluate and create agreements, techniques and contributions for the cooperation projects to better develop.

•                Receiving and assessing the CVs of specialists or professionals offered by the organizations.


•                Accounting to the General Direction and the Technical Committee. With support of the central coordinator committee.

•                Integrates local and regional organizations contributing to the activities.


Entre Soles y Lunas se fundamenta en la comunicación;  promueve proyectos destinados a intervenir positivamente en las personas desde las causas y consecuencias de las migraciones.



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