About Us

Entre Soles y Lunas Foundation, based in Montevideo Uruguay, works from three main exes: Migration, heritage and sustainable fashion properly articulated in agreements and international alliance with state entities, academics, international organizations and social organizations.

The Foundation emerged in 2006 as a project until it was organically consolidated in 2011, with a focus on input to raise quality life of human beings.

The Foundation designs strategies and projects that promote integral development of people and communities through reconstruction and strengthening of social web at local, regional and international level. For this, projects are articulated in the fields of education, communication, culture and art.

Processes are developed aligned with triple impact: social, economic and environmental; in harmony and peace with the universe and according to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparency, solidarity, excellence, unity, interculturality, sustainability, social transformation.

Operaticity and Transparency

Entre Soles y Lunas foundation develops good practices in terms of transparency and good governance with the aim to guarantee its founding objectives, to ensure efficiency in the actions it carries out and to achieve excellence in project management.

  • Executes actions, projects and programs jointly with public and private academic entities, social organizations and states in many countries.
  • Does not accept economic contributions that place conditions on fulfillment of its objectives, values or principles. Does not accept or receive funds whose origin is not legal, easily verified or transparent.
  • Actively participates in programs proposed by states and international organizations for public policies construction at the local, regional and international level that contribute to well-being, inclusion and human rights.
  • Contributes to the construction of full citizenship by promoting responsibility, legality and the exercise of rights and duties that allow life in conditions of dignity, equity and social justice.
We Follow Uruguay´s Laws

  • Registry of Foundations issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay in the city of Montevideo.
  • Registration with the DGI and BPS.
  • Registry of Civil Associations and Foundations.
  • Bank Records according to the legal considerations of Uruguay.
  • Statutes duly approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.